Streets Of Rage 4.


20 years on and fans of the Streets Of Rage series are still waiting for Sega to return to their masterpiece, and while that doesn’t look like it’ll happen any time soon series composer Yuzo Koshiro has taken to twitter to post a piece of concept art for the long cancelled Streets Of Rage 4. Originally planned for release on the Dreamcast, Streets Of Rage 4 was to be a 3D brawler with first-person sections featuring Axel’s son, Burn, a Shinobi named Erie and two other unnamed characters, however for reasons known only to Sega the plug was pulled on the project shortly after this demo was made. Since the cancellation of Streets Of Rage 4, a number of other attempts to revive the classic series have been undertaken however like the Dreamcast effort none have survived past the demo stage, will that change? Streets Of Rage fans everywhere live in hope.

Streets Of Rage 4.



  1. That reminds me – fans did create a remake of Streets of Rage a while back. The really cool thing about it is that they made it from scratch, not using a single line of code from the original games. And then Sega pulled a Square by sending out a C&D letter. Never mind the fact that it took eight years to create.

    1. I actually managed to download Streets of Rage Remake just before Sega pulled the plug and it was an excellent effort. What Sega should have done was paid the developers for their hard work and released the remake on consoles and handhelds but when it comes to Streets of Rage Sega seem afraid to do anything with the series for fear they ruin it’s legacy.

      1. The crazy thing is that they had nothing to gain by doing that. The only thing that resulted from it was a loss of goodwill. Considering Sega’s dubious status as of late, that’s the last thing they need. Maybe they really are taking PR lessons from Square?

      2. I think what they’re afraid of is if, Streets of Rage Remake was allowed to remain easily accessible on the net people might just download it when they wanted a beat’em up fix instead of buying, say the “3D” classic Streets of Rage on the 3DS.

        That said Sega haven’t treated its fans particularly well since the Dreamcast so decisions like the one above, regardless of motivations should be expected I guess.

  2. I like those anime style character designs. If they ever make a new game I hope they stay with the 2D brawler style over 3D. Scott Pilgrim and Double Dragon Neon proved that 2D beat-em-ups can still be fun.

    1. Well apparently Arc System Works are planning a new Double Dragon which will hopefully be both 2D and in an anime style. It might even inspire Sega.

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