Vestaria Saga.


Awhile back news broke that Shouzo Kaga, the man responsible for the creation of the Fire Emblem series was hard at work on a brand new SRPG dubbed Vestaria Saga which, after months of silence, has finally been shown in action courtesy of a debut trailer.
Developed by a team of 15 volunteers, Mr. Kaga hopes that Vestaria Saga, which is currently about 10% complete will be released free of change upon completion, fans will now surely be more eager than ever to see that day role around.

Vestaria Saga.

2 thoughts on “Vestaria Saga.

    1. People are already requesting a Steam release but a third-party would have to volunteer to do the translating as Kaga and his team simply do not appear to have the capability of doing such on their own.

      Still it might happen given the amount of attention the games getting.

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