Mighty Delay.


When it rains it really does pour and this week it sure has been pouring on Keiji Inafune, who not only saw his Mega Man Legends spiritual successor Red Ash fail to meet it’s $800,000 Kickstarter goal but has now come out and confirmed that his Mega Man successor, The Mighty No 9 won’t be released until 2016 either.
Bugs and technical issues surrounding the game’s online functions have been blamed for the slide into early 2016 however Inafune detractors are already pointing fingers and claiming had he and his team focused more on The Mighty No 9 instead of looking to get other projects funded this delay might not have happened at all.

Mighty Delay.

2 thoughts on “Mighty Delay.

  1. The Legends kickstarter failed? I shouldn’t be surprised as the Mighty No.9 project has been a bit of a mess and made Inafume come across as greedy. I’m not even that excited about the game anymore. From what I have seen it looks like the PS2 Megaman X games, which were very meh.

    1. I was very disappointed with how Mighty ended up looking compared to the concept art and I think a lot of other people were to, hence the failing of Red Ash.

      Hopefully Inafune will learn something from all this but for some reason I doubt it.

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