Final Fantasy XII Remastered?


Square Enix have never been backwards in coming forward when it comes to re-releases, remasters or remakes and it looks like the Final Fantasy factory might just be at it again if composer Arnie Roth is to be believed. Speaking at a Final Fantasy themed concert in Pittsburgh Saturday night, composer Arnie Roth casually remarked that he hoped fans were looking forward to the Final Fantasy 12 “remake” currently in the works before welcoming Final Fantasy 12 composer Hitoshi Sakimoto to the stage.
Mr. Roth didn’t elaborate further and Square Enix have, as of yet, remained silent on the subject however given the long running rumour that Final Fantasy XII would be at least remastered at some point, it’s most likely a return to Ivalice is but a matter of time away.

Final Fantasy XII Remastered



  1. Square Enix is weird when it comes to remakes; they remake Final Fantasy IV all the time despite nobody fervently demanding it be done, yet they make no efforts whatsoever to re-release and localize games that are exclusive to Japan fans have been demanding for years such as the sequel to Secret of Mana. It’s almost like they hired someone to constantly give them bad advice for them to follow and promoted that person with every suggestion.

    1. I think brands determine what Square Enix do far more then fans and that’s a real shame as we here in the West are missing out on a fair few titles for no real reason at all.

  2. I’ve never been a fan of FF. Their “remakes” are usually crappy ports. Hopefully this one will be better, but I doubt it.

    1. I’m not personally a big fan of 12 myself and still owning the PS2 version means I’ll likely give this a miss unless I find it dead cheap.

      1. I’ve heard mixed things about 12. Some people say it’s awesome and some say it’s bad. I’ve never played it. I think the MMO’s are the best thing to ever happen to FF.

        That’s just my opinion though.

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