Zombi (U).


After months of speculation Ubisoft have finally confirmed that the once Wii U exclusive Zombi U is indeed on it’s way to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this August 18th.
Despite announcing Zombi the French publisher was less than keen to talk about how a game which relied so heavily on the Wii U’s unique controller would now work on a more traditional pad beyond saying it had been “optimized for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.” Ubisoft also failed to clarify why the game would only be receiving a digital release but they did issue a trailer which you can see for yourself here.


8 thoughts on “Zombi (U).

    1. Its a lazy attempt on Ubi’s part to make a few bucks off the back of a game which did not set the world alight 3 years ago and won’t now that the tablet controller, the only note worthy thing about the game has been axed.

      Its the kind of move people would point and shout at EA for pulling but Ubisoft are getting just as bad.

      1. i think Ubi has always been as bad as EA, but due to the fact that they put out better games on average gamers tended to over look the issue.

      2. If They were they at least tried to hide it, today Ubi really don’t seem to care how money grubbing they look and that makes them look even worse.

    1. Its an okay game and truly unlike anything else on the Wii U but Ubisoft use up all of the neat ideas and the cheap scares by about the halfway point leaving the rest of the game to repeat them over again and again.

  1. I say this is good for what I believe is the most ambitious survival-horror game to come out in years (I’m so sick of just shooting stuff). The poor launch of the Wii U did more damage to ZombiU’s rep than anything, so if putting it on other platforms garners a positive reception, it might encourage Ubisoft to make a sequel. Wishful thinking perhaps, but I love this game.

    1. I think if anything damaged the Zombi brand it was Ubisoft’s attempt to stimulate sales. Repeatedly cutting the price to the level they did simply made the game look cheap rather then value for money and that, cheap/shovelware label has now stuck a bit.

      That said I think a high quality sequel could quite easily shake such perceptions, Red Steel 2 did.

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