Kojima Del Toro Reunion?


Konami may have snuffed-out the highly anticipated brainchild of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro dubbed Silent Hills P.T. however that doesn’t mean the duo’s plans to work together have been completely put to rest as del Toro himself revealed in an interview with IGN.
“We’re still friends and looking into doing something together but that’s not going to be Silent Hills.” Exactly what Kojima and del Toro are looking into, the Hellboy director didn’t clarify but he did reveal the core idea behind Silent Hills P.T. had been to “mess with your head” much in the way Psycho Mantis did back in Metal Gear Solid.

Kojima Del Toro Reunion

2 thoughts on “Kojima Del Toro Reunion?

  1. Given how poorly Konami have behaved it would be cool if they went off and made a game that makes millions. Then again who knows. Del Toro is always linking himself with projects that he never actually ends up doing.

    1. Kojima as well likes to talk about things he’d like to do but never seems to gets round to. Still there is a lot of interest in these two working together so it just might happen.

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