Why Everyone Hates Federation Force.


Few games in recent memory have received the kind of heat Metroid Prime Federation Force has, but what specifically is so wrong with the game? Well most Metroid fans would tell you the problem with Federation Force is a simple one, it’s not the kind of Metroid game anyone wants, however Nintendo’s Kensuke Tanabe, Producer of Federation Force feels the issue is clearly something else entirety.
“First off, I had in mind and expected that people would sort of act in a negative way when they found out that Samus was not an actual player. What I see happening is that once the players can actually have hands-on experience with the actual game, they’ll be able to understand and experience for themselves how the game actually feels and that the Metroid Prime universe atmosphere is there, like the music that is used in the game is heavily related to the Prime series so while people would at first say, “oh this isn’t what I expected,” they’ll definitely understand the different perspective that we’re taking here and it’ll certainly make a difference once you get some experience with the game.”
So there you have it, the problem with Federation Force is a lack of Samus Aran herself and not the fact this isn’t Metroid Dread or Prime 4 which the fans have been waiting years for. Three words Mr Tanabe, out of touch.

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10 thoughts on “Why Everyone Hates Federation Force.

  1. It really worries me when someone in charge of a big franchise is way off wark regarding fans’ complaints (which sometimes are stupid, but in this case are right on target).

    I mean, don’t these people read what people are saying on the internet? I know there is a lot of junk being posted out there, but there are many reasonable pieces and opinions as to why Federation Force is not what we want (to sum it up, we have spent the last thirteen years without a new Metroid sidescroller and eight years without a big backtracking and exploration-heavy Metroid game).

    1. Nintendo are the kind of company who believe they always know what’s best for you, the customer and that’s that. It’s an attitude which has been steadily on the decline here in the West since the mid 90’s but Japan has always been Japan and it always will be a law on to itself.

      That said both Nintendo of America and Europe exist to counter act such a culture clash and the fact that Mr. Tanabe has been allowed to say this unfiltered shows neither of these offshoots are doing their jobs but what’s new?

      1. I am ok with companies doing something different from what fans expect, but when you strip a franchise out of all its central characteristics – features that make it stand out from the crowd, that’s a problem.

      2. My real issue with Nintendo and Federation Force isn’t that the game has absolutely nothing to do with the Metroid series (though I do long for a new 2D Metroid) but that Nintendo keep saying that they listen to their fans and yet I see little proof of that in anything they do.

        The way I see it is, if Nintendo really want to turn Metroid into a throwaway mini game or re-release Star Fox 64 for the third time then do it but take the stage at E3 and “say we know best”, don’t take the stage at E3 and say, “we’re listening to you our fans, now here’s Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival a game no one asked for and even less people want.”

        I think you’d call that paying lip service and I hate how much Nintendo seem to do it these days, even more than I dislike the idea of Federation Force in fact.

      3. I am worried about how Star Fox Zero will overlap with Star Fox 64 (I will be one mad gamer if they are too similar).

        But yeah, the Metroid and Animal Crossing announcements were a slap on the face of those franchise’s respective fanbases. It was far from listening to what they want.

      4. I agree entirely. While Federation Force and Amiibo Festival certainly didn’t please me in the least I think learning that Star Fox U would be some kind of, reshuffled take on the 64 game disappointed me even more. That said I am hopeful there will be enough new content to make it worth playing even for someone who’s played through the 64 version countless times.

  2. The Metroid franchise sure tanked as soon as this decade rolled around, didn’t it? There is a possibility that Federation Forces will turn out good, but there are definitely a lot of red flags. I’d really hate to see Metroid: Other M turn out to be the last game in the series starring Samus, because that would be an incredibly sour note to end on.

    1. Nintendo has clearly lost confidence in the series but there was a similar such air about the Fire Emblem franchise before the release of Awakening and look at Fire Emblem now.

      What Metroid really needs now is for Nintendo to hand the series over to a team like Good-Feel and have them do for Metroid what they did for Wario.

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