Devil’s Third Again.


Nintendo of America appear to have finally made up their minds in regards to Tomonobu Itagaki’s Devil’s Third, confirming that they will, after all, publish the madcap hack and slash state side by year’s end. It has also come to light that Devil’s Third will, in a fashion at least, be coming to PC as well as the Wii U later in the year when the game’s multiplayer mode launches as a free to download, pay to play, standalone game.

Devil’s Third Again.

2 thoughts on “Devil’s Third Again.

  1. This game is having a roller coaster of a time being released. It’s been seemingly an enigma since it was shown at E3 in 2014, I’ve read it’s jumped from various engines and has been a development nightmare. THEN I read the game sucks!!I am so deftly curious (like Sonic Boom curious) to play this game.

    1. It did indeed switch engine mid way through development but I think the fact it switched platforms did more damage. That said I’m still getting it, kind of hoping it turns out to be the Wii U’s No More Heroes.

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