Pay Or Play.


It doesn’t seem a week goes by without Capcom announcing something new in regards to Street Fighter V and this week is no different as Capcom took to EVO 2015 to reveal 3 key changes to the long running franchise.

  • The initial release of Street Fighter V will be the only disc you’ll ever need to own.
  • All balance and system adjustments for Street Fighter V will be available for free.
  • All post-launch gameplay related content will be accessible for free by playing the game.

The last point is the most important one here as it clearly shows Capcom are moving away from the more traditional DLC model and towards the popular mobile model which offers all content to players, either through the investment of time or if you’re in a hurry cash. A fact Capcom accentuated by commenting that, if you do decide to purchase new content instead of earning it, you’ll be able to purchase content individually and ignore the items you don’t want.
Street Fighter V will be released on the Playstation 4 and PC next year, lunching with 16 playable characters, 4 of which will be brand new.

Pay Or Play.

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