Better The Devil You Know?


When Nintendo announced they would be the ones to take up publishing duties on Tomonobu Itagaki’s Devil’s Third, gamers the world over eagerly awaiting the oddball hack and slash breathed a collective sigh of relief that they would at last get to play Itagaki’s long overdue return to the action-adventure genre, however things aren’t quite. With just over a month to go until Devil’s Third lunches in Europe and even less than that for the Japanese, North American fans of Devil’s Third are beginning to wonder when Nintendo will get around to release the game for them. Well never is the answer, as Nintendo of America have apparently decided not to publish Devil’s Third at all.
Exactly why Nintendo of America have decided not to publish the game both the Japanese and European wings of the company are willing to, remains unclear however this is not the first time NOA have gone against Nintendo as a whole as Devil’s Third joins a long list of games including; Doshin the Giant, Disaster Day Of Crisis, Project Zero 2, Pandora’s Tower, The Last Story and even Xenoblade Chronicles which NOA have refused to back.
Devil’s Third is still expected to be released across North America at some point however who’ll do the publishing is yet to be made clear.

Better The Devil You Know



  1. America is a bigger market and doesn’t have to worry about translating games into multiple languages. It’s bizarre that the European branch is okay with publishing whilst their American counterparts aren’t.

    1. I think it still boils down to cost. Maybe NOA thinks that upon market research the game’s projected sales will not satisfy the cost of localizing (translating, marketing, publishing, distribution) etc.

      But I can see there is a market for this game. Itagaki’s FB page is full of people who wants the game published. Of course we don’t know how much portion of that are US alone.

      1. I think we all know Devil’s Third isn’t going to break sales records but I do think it’s the kind of game gamers love, like Mad World or No More heroes were back on the Wii.
        Great games if perhaps not great selling games.

    2. I think it has more to do with maintaining their, family friendly image than anything else. Reggie appears to think Nintendo shouldn’t publish anything without the word “Mario” in the title.

  2. They are doing the same mistake that SONY made in Europe : follow a single target… The PSP and the PsVita only had “beautiful shaped games” in Europe, instead of “good, mixed gender, payable and fun games”.
    NOA seems to aim ” family friendly games” only, with maybe a future dozen of Mario or Zelda related games (please, stop!).
    Perhaps NOA is in suicidal mode, just like SONY Europe was with their choice of games for PSP and PsVita…

    1. My thinking exactly, NOA are either playing it safe or so short sighted that they can’t picture an audience beyond the family and that’s dangerous.

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