Sega Wants You Back.


How did it all go so wrong for Sega? This is a question both corporate bigwigs and fans of the Sonic factory have been asking themselves since the failure of Saturn, and now CEO and president of Sega Hajime Satomi claims to have the answer, it’s all down to a lose of trust.
Speaking to popular Japanese gaming mag Famitsu, Mr. Satomi was asked what Sega needed to do as a company going forward to which Mr. Satomi replied.
“We did our best to build a relationship of mutual trust with older fans of Sega but looking back, there have been some titles that have partially betrayed that trust in the past 10 years. Sega in the 90s was known for its brand, but after that, we’ve lost trust, and we were left with nothing but reputation. For this reason, we’d like to win back the customers’ trust, and become a brand once again.”
During the short interview Mr. Satomi also spoke highly of Atlus who Sega purchased back in 2013, stating that the company had shown him that when games are developed with the “proper quality” they often go on to succeed both in Japan and West, particularly “among players that like to play Japanese games.” Well I’d have never guessed.

Sega Wants You Back.

4 thoughts on “Sega Wants You Back.

    1. I have no idea how a company of Sega’s size couldn’t know quality equals sales.
      When they say things like this it becomes all the clearer why there in the state their in.

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