Red Ash The Indelible Legend.


Keiji Inafune is at it again, the former Capcom character designer has returned to Kickstarter in hopes gamers will front him the tidy sum of $800,000 for Red Ash The Indelible Legend, a spiritual successor of sorts to the Mega Man Legends series which Keiji hopes will, “pay homage to both Japanese anime and classic Japanese game design”.
Alongside the Indelible Legend campaign a second Kickstarter was also launched, this one seeking $150,000 to fund an anime which will apparently flesh out both the characters and world of Red Ash the game however it remains to be seen whether either campaign will get the backing they need given the recent issues surrounding Mighty No. 9.

Red Ash The Indelible Legend.

2 thoughts on “Red Ash The Indelible Legend.

  1. It seems the kickstarter is very slow. I believe the minimum kickstarter goal for the anime is only for a 5 minute episode? (not really sure but I read over at Kotaku)

    1. Yeah he is indeed asking $150,000 for a 2 minute episode and yet only asking 2,480,000 for a full length feature film. These numbers seem a little off to me but to be honest the fact that Inafune is back on Kickstarter at all seems a little off to me to.

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