The Dark Knight Disappears.


Batman Arkham Knight, arguably the most anticipated title released so far this year is no longer available for purchase on PC. The game itself arrived on shop shelves only last Tuesday but within three days publisher Warner Bros. had suspended sales and issued a recall of all PC versions of the game, including those sold on Steam due to poor performance. As one would expect both Warner Bros’ and developers Rocksteady apologized to all fans effected and promised to fix the issues “ASAP” however serious questions clearly need to be asked given that this is not the first time Warner Bros. have released a game plagued by bugs, Arkham Origins for instances springs to mind.

The Dark Knight Disappears.


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  1. I wonder how many other high profile buggy titles would have suspended sales if the refund policy was active back then. The days developers tell PC players to wait for a patch to fix a rushed product may have come to an end.

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