Fire Emblem Fates.


Nintendo have revealed that the latest in it’s long running Fire Emblem series, dubbed Fates, is to feature for the first time same sex relationships. The choice of partners will be limited to one particular character per game however even this modest inclusion signifies a significant key change in Nintendo’s willingness to enter the haphazard relationship debate.
In other Fire Emblem news Nintendo have also revealed Fates will feature an online deathmatch mode where players pit any five units they wish against five of their opponent’s. Fire Emblem Fates has yet to receive an official release outside of Japan.

Fire Emblem Fates.

5 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Fates.

  1. At first I was bummed that there will be 2 versions, but after some time, I realize that would mean I have 2 times to enjoy 2 different Fire Emblem stories in just 1 year.

    Granted, FE Awakening’s story is not its strongest point but these 2 new games’ story seemed very fleshed out. This will probably delight the longtime fans.

    1. From what I’ve read Fate’s story has indeed had some serious effort put into it but apparently so has almost every area of the game from map design to the marriage/child system.
      I’ll most likely pick up the inevitable limited edition version which will hopefully, feature both games as it did in Japan.

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