While Final Fantasy 7 and Shenmue 3 rightfully monopolized the headlines coming out of this year’s E3 there was actually another game at show few thought they’d ever see and that was Nier 2.
For those unaware, the original Nier was an action RPG developed by now defunct studio Cavia and published on the PS3 and 360 back in 2010 by Square Enix. The game itself neither sold particularity well nor received critical acclaim however that hasn’t seemed to dampen Square Enix’s enthusiasm for the series one bit as they’ve not only green lighted the sequel but they’ve handed the responsibility to everyone’s favourite developers PlatinumGames. What the change of developer will mean for the Nier series going forward remains to been seen however Taro Yoko, Director of the original Nier has stated you won’t need to have played the first game to enjoy this.
Nier 2 is in development exclusively for PlayStation 4 and is currently at around 10% complete, there’s even a trailer.


2 thoughts on “Nier.

  1. The first Nier was a nice surprise. I was expecting a generic JRPG, but the atmoshpere, the soundtrack, the replay value of the game made quite an impact on me.
    Sure, some gameplay elements were off (weird magic system) and graphics were a bit meh sometimes.

    It’s great that we got a sequel!

    1. I loved Nier’s soundtrack, truly stand out and I personally thought the art direction made-up for the graphical short comings so I have high hopes for this sequel.

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