Nintendo E3 2015.


If you read my musings above you’ll already know that Sony “won” this year’s E3 even before Nintendo had taken to their digital stage, that said the big N could still have made a big impact this year even if they couldn’t, realistically, win the show outright if only they had shown something, anything of genuine note
Sadly Nintendo simply didn’t bring that one game of note to this year’s show, in fact they mostly only brought Amiibos, lots of Amiibos and Mario Maker. Sure there was other titles, Star Fox Zero and Xenoblade Chronicles X both looked good, as did Fire Emblem x Shin Megami but that was the problem, the best games on show for Nintendo were games Nintendo revealed over a year ago. Worse though than a lack of new games, a lack of surprises, a Metroid Prime no one asked for or even Animal Crossing Party was the fact that this dull conference accurately portrayed the current state of things at Nintendo,
the 3DS is coming to the end of it’s life, the Wii U is barely clinging to it’s and Nintendo appear to have bet the farm on Amiibos, mobile gaming and a platform we won’t know two licks about until sometime next year.
Nintendo ended this year’s E3 conference claiming the company was “changing”, I live in hope it isn’t changing into what this conference represented, a predictable, forgettable Nintendo.

Nintendo’S E3 In a Nutshell.

Nintendo E3 2015.

4 thoughts on “Nintendo E3 2015.

  1. Wait, was there already a Mario Party-type Animal Crossing game, or am I reading that wrong? As to your point about there being nothing big, I think Star Fox was meant to be the big game for this year. And while on one level I’m super-pumped for a new Star Fox, this game looks really sparse, like it doesn’t have the level of visual detail that other modern games have. Same thing with Metroid Prime. I want another Metroid Prime game, but I don’t really care about co-op, and the polygonal models in that game just looked really crude. I know the Wii U and the 3DS aren’t at the cutting edge of graphics technology, but I’m sure they’re capable of more than this.

    Anyway, E3 is just a cycle. Nintendo did poorly this year, but last year they did great. They have off years and on years, just like Sony and Microsoft, so I’m not too worried about them, yet.

    1. I agree, E3 performances are not something which should worry us in general but when you pair a poor E3 performance with a barren release schedule, no major new title reveals and the possibility of new hardware being released within 4 years of old I think Nintendo fans, of which I am a big one should be at least on edge if not down right fuming.

      As for what Nintendo actually showed, I don’t think there was ever was an Mario Party-type Animal Crossing game and from the looks of the game’s trailer there is a good reason for that. Your right about Star Fox not looking brilliant as well but what bothered me was the fact that the game is described as a “reimagining” of the series as opposed to a sequel and I, like most Star Fox fans want to see a continuing of the Star Fox series not a recycling of missions from the N64 and SNES games.

      Metroid Prime Federation Force meanwhile really didn’t bother me all that much, sure its not the Metroid anyone asked for and for that I won’t be buying it but I won’t either, as some fans have start pulling my hair out because the game exists. I’ll just play-through Other M or Super Metroid again.

  2. I think the Amibo craze will die out eventually so Nintendo better put more resources into making games.

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