Microsoft E3 2015.


When a man like Microsoft’s Phil Spencer tells you you’re about to see “the best XBox line-up ever” naturally you sit up and listen, sadly by the end of Microsoft’s E3 2015 conference few would have agreed with him that that was what they saw.
What we did see was a company perhaps lacking direction, sure Halo 5, Forza 6, Rise of the Tomb Raider and the star of the show, Gears of War 4 made their appearances, hell even a new Rare MMO dubbed Sea of Thieves was unveiled but it all felt a little underwhelming, a bit, so so. Take for instance the announcement that a 100 or so (initially) Xbox 360 games are to be made compatible with the XOne, great sure but is this really a feature Microsoft should be making a song and dance over? No it’s not, it’s one which should have been included when the console launched, not an E3 announcement nearly two years on. That said a few lukewarm reveals and a lack of surprises weren’t the only things which held this year’s conference back, far too much time was spent talking about holographic this and Windows 10 that also played their roles but the buck must surely stop with Microsoft for phoning this E3 in.

Microsoft’s E3 In a Nutshell.

  • 360 backward compatibility is coming.
  • The Rare Collection looks to be great value.
  • Gears 4 looks great.
  • Far too much talk of Windows 10.
  • Not nearly enough surprise announcements.
  • Gears of War Ultimate Edition only contains Gears 1.
  • No ReCore gameplay.
  • No Scalebound, Crackdown 3 or Phantum Dust.




  1. Backwards compatibility is a nice feature to have, but not a big deal really. Most people keep their older consoles and I personally didn’t play PS1 games on my PS2 or PS3.

    1. Same here, I play them on my PS1. Look backwards compatibility is a great feature but not one I’d trot out at E3 likes its Final Fantasy 7 or, I still can’t quite believe it shenmue 3.

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