Bethesda E3 2015.


Bethesda joined the ranks of EA, Ubisoft and Square Enix this year by holding an E3 conference all of their own, however with Fallout 4 already out of the bag did the Elder Scrolls creators really have all that much else to show? In short, yes but not a lot. Bethesda’s E3 “Showcase” as the company dubbed it largely consisted of three games; Dishonored 2, Doom and Fallout 4, all highly anticipated titles in their own right sure however far too little of Dishonored 2 was shown to really get the blood pumping and while a lack of footage wasn’t Fallout’s issue the fact that the game had been unveiled last week certainty seemed to have cost the title something in excitement which even a release of November 10th this year couldn’t seem to claw back.
It all than in the end fell on the shoulders of Doom to save Bethesda’s, competent but uninspiring conference and id’s reboot certainty didn’t disappoint, impressing the hall immediately with it’s visuals before the gameplay sunk in and the realization began to hit home that this Doom was going some way to recreating the sense of pace and purpose which defined the series before the game lost sight of what it was in the transition to 3D.
Good to have you back Doom, it has been too far loo long.

Bethesda’s E3 In a Nutshell.

  • Doom looked wonderful.
  • Fallout 4 is out this year.
  • Did we really need an hour long press event for a handful of games?

Bethesda E3 2015.



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