NX Droid?


While Nintendo might wish to maintain the air of mystery surrounding their “NX” console, a number of other sources appear only too willing to reveal what they claim to be insider knowledge. This week our source in question comes in the form of highly respected Japanese publication the Nikkei index, who reported on Monday that Nintendo’s next console will run a variation of Google’s widely used Android operating system as opposed to an in-house OS. Nikkei went on to claim Nintendo have come to this decision base on developers comments that the Wii U’s unique OS is far too costly to develop for and the use of a more, acceptable OS would translate into more third-party support for any future hardware.
Time will tell how on the money Nikkei’s claims are or perhaps aren’t.

NX Droid



    1. I’ll remain firmly on the fence about this till I get more details. That said, I can see why they might go down this route if they do in fact.

    1. Depending on who did the denying would depend on how seriously I’d take such a denial. That said my gut tells me Nintendo have always been at their best when working with their own hardware and software.

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