New Strategy.


Spiritual successors appear to be the in thing right now with the like of Banjo & Kazooie, Megaman and even the Castlevania series all about to be succeeded, however it’s not just a bunch of dormant franchises in the for spiritual treatment.
Case in point, Shouzou Kaga, the mind behind the Fire Emblem series has revealed he and a 10 man strong team are currently hard at work on a brand new strategy RPG title much in the vein of the Fire Emblem series, which the team hope to release free of charge upon completion. Sadly beyond the game’s announcement and a request from Mr. Kaga for fans to support the project nothing, including the game’s title, is known. Still, given that Shouzou Kaga’s other spiritual successor to the Fire Emblem series, the Tear Ring Saga was so similar to it’s possessor that Nintendo took legal action against the game and the fact that SRPG Studio (think RPG Maker but with an S) is the development tool of choice used in creating the game, all Fire Emblem fans really should be very excited about Mr. Kaga’s latest project.

New Strategy.



  1. I love the FE games so anything similar is right up my alley. Did Nintendo win the court case? Most SRPGs have similar mechanics so I figure it would be a hard argument to win.

    1. From what I remember of the dispute. Courts in Japan were quick to throw out the case however publisher Enterbrain felt they only got away with it because copyright law is very lacxed in Japan and they’d lose any similar case in the West so, Tear Ring Saga never left the island. Shame as it’s a fine SRPG.

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