Castlevania Reincarnation?


When Koji Igarashi announced last year that he would be leaving his long held post at Konami in hopes of setting up his own studio, gamers the world over assume that meant a spiritual successor to the Castlevania series, which Mr. Igarashi worked on most of his career, was surely only a matter of time away. Sadly we’re still waiting for that Castlevania successor but at least this week we got a little closer to it with the launch of this strange website which wants you to vote for either a sword or a whip.
Besides the choose of weapons no actual information can be found on the web page however the similarities between the Dracula sprite and Koji Igarashi himself along with the clear Castlevania inspired style certainly suggests a Castlevania successor is inbound.

Castlevania Reincarnation



  1. I would love a Castlevania successor, especially since Castlevania itself has been complete garbage for years now. And as far as Konami goes, to lose Kojima and now Koji, what a sinking ship this company has become.
    “What a terrible night to have a job at Konami!!”

    1. I think Konami are looking to move away from the big name, big budget games towards mobile and that means cutting loose men like Kojima and Koji as you just don’t need them when your making free-to-play nonsense. Its a sign of the times and its a worrying one.

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