A New Challenger Approaches?


Smash fans love to spend their time speculating on which character should be next to join the brawl, however these predictions are nearly always preferences and little more, so nobody really pays any attention to them, or they didn’t until this Wednesday, when a poster on Reddit claimed to have decrypted a number of files from the latest Super Smash Bros. 3DS patch, version 1.06, uncovering some interesting things in the sound section.
The first of these was a victory theme for EarthBound’s Lucas who we all know is on his way, the second was yet another victory theme, this one credited to Roy of Fire Emblem fame and former Smash combatant, the third and finally major discover, according to shinyquagsire23 came in the form of this stage theme which, I’m sure you all immediately recognised as Ryu’s from Street Fighter II.
Since making his claims shinyquagsire23 has been contacted by a number of sites questioning his findings, however the decrypter has stood firm stating the sound files are “legitimate” however he understands why some might be skeptical.
We’ll have to rely on time to tell if Ryu ever really will go toe to toe with Mario and co, here’s hoping though.

A New Challenger Approaches


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