Phantom Death?


One of the biggest surprises to come out of E3 last year, I’m sure you’ll agree, was the news that work on a sequel to 360 cult classic Phantom Dust was well underway.
Skip forward almost a year however and the fate of Phantom Dust is far less clear following the comments of an anonymous, former Darkside Games (Phantom Dust developer) employee who claims Microsoft, not only refused to properly fund the project, but that they then decided to, “cut their losses” altogether, canceling the development of Phantom Dust outright and in the process crippling Darkside Games monetarily.
The anonymous employee went on to claim (claims you can read in full on Kotaku) that Microsoft never really gave the studio a chance before adding they would be “shocked” if “alternate plans” for Phantom Dust were currently in the works. Microsoft meanwhile chose not to comment on the subject but to say that they were “still committed” to Phantom Dust. Perhaps we will see just how committed come E3.

Phantom Death

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