April Direct.


With the Wii U suffering a bitter software drought and Zelda U falling back to 2016 all eyes turned to Nintendo’s April 1st Direct in hopes the big N would deliver some much needed good news, what we got was a bit of a mixed bag.
The Direct kicked off with a release date for the long awaited Mewtwo DLC coming to Smash Bros. U and the 3DS, if you’ve registered both games he’s yours to download free from April 28th, if not he’ll cost you $3.99 on both the Wii U and 3DS or $4.99 as a cross-platform bundle. More Smash Bros. news followed as Nintendo revealed Lucas (of Mother fame) will also be available for download in June as will a number of new outfits for your Mii fighters. Oh and you can now vote for which character you think would make a good addition to the Smash Bros. roster here (remember, when voting Bomberman is spelled B O M B E R M A N).
With Smash Bros. out of the way talk turned as usual to Amiibos and the fact that a whole bunch more are on the way, including some for no holds barred paint’em up Splatoon (released May 29th). Animal Crossing New Leaf is also getting in on the Amiibo scene with new Amiibo cards which, like their toy cousins unlock mini game once scanned, the first of these is a help me decorate my room mini game.
Speaking of decorating, Mario Maker (coming September) was wheeled out again as was Yoshi’s Woolly World, however not a whole lot of new information came with them, that said we did learn though that there will be an easy mode in Woolly World which basically allows the player to fly, unchallenged, through the game’s levels, clearly an effort to get the Dark Souls crowd interested.
From there the Direct rolled on-wards with the welcome news that Fatal Frame The Black-Haired Shrine Maiden will be released in the West after all later this year, before treating us to two brand new trailers for both Fire Emblem 3DS and, wait for it, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem which, alongside stealing the show, excited Persona fans every where with just how much like Persona it looks.
Nintendo wound down the Direct with conformation that both N64 and DS games would soon be available through the Wii U’s eShop before finishing much as they’d begun it, with more DLC, this time for Mario Kart 8 which will get it’s second helping of the stuff this April 23rd as well as a completely unexpected 200CC mode that will be free for all to download and very kind that is of the big N indeed.
So all in all this was a decent Direct, sure there were no earth shattering announcements but with E3 so close is that really a big surprise?

nintendo direct april 2015



    1. They could always pay a few third parties to make some games, Capcom always seem willing to do so as do the likes of Treasure and Platinum Games but I guess that would take away from the money needed to make yet more amiibos and all those mobile games no one asked for.

      1. They are too damn proud to do that so as a result Wii U fans suffer. They (Nintendo) still think that its the 80s and early 90s and that all third-party developers must come to them.

      2. Pride might indeed be an issue but I fear Nintendo believe their games to be of so high a quality, we the consumer should be more then satisfied with the 5 or 6 games we get from them a year, no need for third party stuff at all.

        I think such a line of thinking is far more worrying the pride.

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