ToeJam & Earl Land On Kickstarter.


A few weeks ago, word broke that the classic Sega double act ToeJam & Earl were gearing up for a come back, however it quickly turned out that the oddball aliens were going to need a little help and a lot of your cash in order to make said comeback happen. So guess who found their way to Kickstarter. Seeking at least $400,000, ToeJam & Earl managed to raise just over $500,000 meaning developers Humanature Studios now have to make good on promises to not only revive the much loved aliens but deliver a game which returns the series to it’s1991, randomly generated map roots.
To see if it’ll happen you’ll have to keep an eye firmly on the official Back in the Groove web page and keep your fingers tightly cross.

ToeJam & Earl Land On Kickstarter.


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