Zelda U Falls Back?


Software-wise 2014 was a great year for the Wii U with the likes of Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8 and Donkey Kong Country all playing their part, however fans were more than hopeful 2015 could have been even better for Nintendo’s little white/black box thanks in large part to the release of the much anticipated Zelda U and you know what, it just might have been, had Eiji Aonuma producer of the Zelda series not revealed this weekend that the “number one priority” for him and his team was no longer for the game to be released this year but instead to create the “ultimate Zelda game.”
Needless to say Mr. Aonuma’s news was met with near universal disappointment however Mr. Aonuma wasn’t actually done there as he then compiled the disappointment with the news that Zelda U won’t only miss it’s launch but the game won’t even be at this year’s E3 as Nintendo wish to use the show as a showcase for 2015 releases and 2015 releases alone. I think I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms already.

Zelda U Falls Back

7 thoughts on “Zelda U Falls Back?

  1. Quite disappointing, but it does seem like this is by far the most ambitious Zelda yet, so maybe not surprising. I just hope Star Fox delivers big or they have a good surprise at E3, otherwise the last half of the year is going to be rough for Wii U.

    1. They are indeed going to need something big at E3 and I’d think that, something will have to come from Retro. A new Prime would after all just about make up for the lack of Zelda, only just though.

  2. I was really angry when I heard this. I have a Wii U and third party support for the thing has dried up. All it was right now are indie titles and first party titles. Nintendo I need games to play! Anyway there was a leak earlier today for a Nintendo Direct coming April 1 and it had info saying that Iwata will apologize for the delay and announce a new title that will take the place of Zelda Wii U this winter.

    1. I seen that “leak” to but apparently the times listed for the Direct was a little off so people are questioning it’s authenticity. That said I can see Mr. Iwata making some kind of apology while at the same time using a Star Fox trailer to quell fans Zelda disappointment.

  3. I’m fine with this news. No point rushing a highly anticipated game out there just to meet deadlines and have it be mediocre or worse. Having been personally disappointed at how formulaic Zelda games have become, the more work into making this one a significant step above the others (except Wind Waker, I really loved that one) makes delaying it a worthy cause, so as long as they get it the way they (and fans) feel it should be. To paraphrase Miyamoto himself, “A delayed game can be a very good game”.

    1. Under normal circumstances I would agree with you. A delay is a good sign the developer is trying to achieve a certain standard for their game however, the Wii U is criminally short on software this year and no Zelda isn’t helping one bit.

      Still we live in hope E3 will showcase at least a few games we’ve yet to be shown, something to do with the Advance Wars series would be nice, or the Mother series maybe.

      1. That seems to be the stigma with Nintendo. I ask GameStop for a print out of upcoming titles, and it’s never longer than 12 games. My theory is that since the projects are mostly in-house instead of third-party, they do not feel they should advertise works unless they feel they are ready. The problem that generates is with nothing big to promote, fans get impatient and walk away, looking at Mortal Kombat X, a game that I personally wish would shut up about itself to the point that my anticipation has cooled considerably.
        At this rate, at the end of this console’s lifespan, it looks like the Wii U will go down the same way the Dreamcast did; A really good console who’s real potential will remain a mystery.

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