Destined To Fail.


Despite the fact it launched lass than a year ago and has since been downloaded more than a million times, Sony’s free to play, Vita exclusive RPG Destiny Of Spirits will cease to exist this June.
No firm reason as to why the game is to be taken offline was given by either Sony or developers Q Entertainment however Sony did thank the fans for having supported the game and promised they would continue to do so themselves right up until the game’s servers are shut down. Destiny Of Spirits players will now have until April 28th/29th in Europe and Asia while American players will have until June 30th to spend any remaining Destiny Orbs they might have.

Destined To Fail.



    1. I to had a crack at it but lost interest pretty quickly, it does have quite a following though so I’m surprised Sony are dropping it. that said Its hard to understand most of the decisions taken in regards to the Vita.

  1. hahahahaha the ppl who spent money on this game got MOLESTED.

    Yes, MOLESTED is the right term. Sony has fucking stuck their big corporate batons up ppl’s assholes while they helped themselves to their wallet.

    fucking hilarious. 1 guy said he was so f4cking mad because he spent over $4000 on this game and it would never shutdown because sony is a big company.

    big company.. loooool big corporations are more likely to make you drop your pants so they can shove their BIGGER CORPORATE BATONS UP YOUR FUCKING ASSHOLES while they steal money from your wallet.

    full of SHIT.

    1. If I pumped $4000 into a game that went under I don’t think “molested” would be strong enough a word.

      Then again if I pumped $4000 into any game I’m probably the proverbial fool and we all know what happens to fools and there gold now don’t we?

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