Kojima Calls It Quits?


Yesterday wasn’t suppose to be a day of any great significant, it was Thursday after all and nothing ever happens on a Thursday right? Well apparently no one ever told Konami that as yesterday the Tokyo based publisher began removing the name of their most famous employee, Hideo Kojima, from numerous places around the net, including the official Metal Gear Solid 5 webpage which once read, “A Hideo Kojima game”.
The strange didn’t end there however as alongside the erasing of Hideo Kojima’s name Konami have also shut down both the Kojima Productions website and Kojima Productions Twitter account, and all this without a word of explanation from Konami at all, so what on earth is going on? Well in all honesty we don’t know, everything from Kojima quiting in order to startup his own studio to Konami letting him go as they felt that the Kojima brand was beginning to eclipse their own has been speculated on however in truth only Hideo Kojima and Konami know for sure but it’s clear something has driven quite the wedge between the two.

Kojima Call It Quits

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