Reuniting The Band.


The Rock Band/Guitar Hero craze seemed to come and go in something of a flash didn’t it?
One minute everyone and his dog had a livingroom full of instrument shaped peripherals and the next they were all packed away beneath beds and in closets, never to be used again, or at least until the release of a brand new Rock Band title. Guess which one is about to happen.
Dubbed Rock Band 4 and scheduled for release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year, developer Harmonix promise the latest entry in the Rock Band series to be the best ever as not only will the game allow you to hook up all peripherals from previous Rock Band games but you’ll also be able to import all musical content from past games, making Rock Band 4’s potential track list 2000 strong. Rock stardom here we come.

Reuniting The Band



    1. Same here, these instrument/karaoke type games hold no interest for me personally but as you said its good to see the developers/publisher not trying to screw every penny they can out of Rock Band fans.

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