Dissidia Arcade.


Although best known for their RPGs, Square Enix will actually turn their hand to almost anything and in 2008 that hand turned towards the fighting game genre with Dissidia Final Fantasy. Skip ahead to today and the Dissidia series, despite a four year absence, is a firm favourite among Final Fantasy fans and it seems Square Enix as well, with a brand new Dissidia in the works.
Simply titled Dissidia Final Fantasy, the third game in the series, unlike it’s handheld predecessors will be a fully HD affair featuring both stunning visuals and a 3v3 battle system.Dissidia Final Fantasy will also be the first coin-op entry for the Dissidia series as it will launch across Japanese arcades first later this year. (Other platforms remain TBC). For more on New Dissidia Final Fantasy keep an eye on April 10th when Square Enix are expected to hold a presentation dedicated to the game, until then here’s a trailer,

Dissidia Final Fantasy

2 thoughts on “Dissidia Arcade.

    1. If you have little to no interest in the main Final Fantasy series at all then Dissidia is just a quirky fighter, however if you’ve played and enjoyed at least a few of the SNES and Playstation games your sure to find lots of things to like about both Dissidias
      as well as the competent fighting game mechanics on offer.

      Add to that the fact that both games go pretty cheaply on eBay and PSN these days and I think that any moderate Final Fantasy fan who happens to have a PSP or PS Vita laying around will get more then their moneys worth out of Dissidia.

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