Xenoblade Chronicles X.


Last week a special Xenoblade Chronicles X event was streamed live from Japan where a number of new and intriguing aspects of the game were revealed, including a multiplayer mode. Yes you read that right, Xenoblade Chronicles X is indeed to feature both four-player online co-op and a 32 players mode where players will be able to exchange both quest information and items. A few other details concerning the landmasses found in the game, download size (22.7GB) and a Japanese release date of April 29th where also announced, all of which and more can be found here in the video. Side note, it helps if you can understand Japanese but isn’t absolutely necessary.

Xenoblade Chronicles X.

4 thoughts on “Xenoblade Chronicles X.

  1. Good to see the game generating a lot of press coverage, especially after the battle it took to get the first game localized.

    1. Nintendo do indeed seem to have far more confidents in Xenoblade Chronicles X then they did in the original Xenoblade and maybe in part at least that’s down to the huge fuss which was kicked up when the original game wasn’t immediately localized.
      Its really is all swings and roundabouts as they say.

  2. I’m looking forward to this game. I enjoyed the first one, though not as much as Last Story, but this could be amazing. Don’t know how much I want to engage in multiplayer, since I’m more of a solo gamer, but I do hope there is a successful online community, for the game’s sake.

    1. I found Xenoblade Chronicles to be a decent game but like you I to found the Last Story the better of the two. That said my hopes are high for X given that Nintendo really do seem to be putting their weight behind it.

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