Langrisser 3DS.


While the likes of Disgaea and the Fire Emblem series define the strategy RPG genre today, once upon a time a series called Langrisser (or War Song in the West) was considered by many (mostly in Japan) the pinnacle of the genre. Unfortunately Langrisser’s creators, Masaya, fell on hard times and for the last 15 years the Langrisser series has been sadly trapped in a state of limbo however thanks to a company named Extreme who have stepped in and acquired Masaya, Langrisser is making a come back.
Set for release later this year on the 3DS, Langrisser 3DS will look to retain many of the elements which stood the Langrisser series apart from its peers while at the same time refining the overall experience to modem standards. Handlers Extreme also revealed that they’re looking into the possibility of re-releasing previous entries in the Langrisser series on mobiles, PSN and the Virtual Console so that if you’re not quite up to date with the series, they’ve got you covered.



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