Minna de Spelunker Z.


For the past couple of weeks Square Enix have been building excitement around a mysterious title coming to the PlayStation 4 codenamed “Project Code Z”, said excitement quickly evaporated this weekend however when it was revealed that “Project Code Z” would in fact Minna de Spelunker Z, or as it’s more commonly known in West, Spelunker. Never heard of Spelunker? Well in a nutshell it’s an NES platformer from 1985 which was remade in 2009 and released on PSN, this Z edition looks remarkably like that remake however this time around it’s a free download which you pay for as you play.
If that hasn’t put you off Minna de Spelunker Z will be released in Japan exclusively on the PS4 this March 19th or alternatively you could just grab Spelunker HD off the PS3 store right now.

Minna de Spelunker Z.

2 thoughts on “Minna de Spelunker Z.

  1. Maybe I will give the free version a go if it comes over here. I’ve never played a Spelunker game because I hear they are rather difficult.

    1. Never played a Spelunker game either but the multiplayer elements sure look interesting.
      Personally my favourite mining game is and always will be Mr. Driller, love it.

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