Smash Bros 1.0.2.


While most patches are happy with merely fixing the odd bug here and there the latest patch (1.0.2.) for Smash Bros U goes a little further, enabling no further than 15 stages for 8-player brawls. The 8-player brawls mode was a new one to the Smash Bros. series and while it’s inclusion was welcomed by the fans some had complained a lack of online surport and too few stages happered the experience, at least the latter has now been addressed. Now where’s my Mewtwo?

8-player brawl regular stages.

Mario Circuit (X).
Luigi’s Mansion.
Lylat Cruise.
Pokémon Stadium 2.
Animal Crossing – Town and City.
Animal Crossing – Smashville.
Wii Fit Studio.

8-player brawl Final Destinations.

Mario Galaxy.
Mario Circuit (X).
Kirby: The Great Cave Offensive.
Lylat Cruise.
Pokémon Stadium 2.
Animal Crossing – Town and City.

Smash Bros 1.0.2.



  1. I like that Nintendo are beginning to address issues and concerns and are working to make patches and improvements to their games with these updates. I bashed Mario Kart 8 upon its release, because it still felt like the rubberband A.I. was still in full effect and the controls were slippery. Now it feels fantastic to play.

    1. They certainly have put the effort in with Mario Kart 8 and it shows, Smash Bros meanwhile doesn’t need quite as much attention however, the online mode could use some patching which hopefully it’ll get in the near future.

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