Night Cry.


Cast your minds back a few months and perhaps you’ll recall the announcement of Project Scissors, a spiritual successor to the horror classic Clock Tower which was, at the time, in the works for the PS Vita. Fast forward to today and Project Scissors, now redubbed Night Cry, has popped up on Kickstarter where developers Playism Games are looking for $300,000 to see their grim vision become a reality, on PC at least (sorry Vita fans).
As for the game itself well, from the looks of what has been posted on the Kickstarter page Night Cry is going to be a very traditional horror title and a little dated in the looks department. That said if you can look past the visuals (how much of the $300,000 is being spent in the graphics department I wonder?) any game being worked on by the likes of Takashi Shimizu (director of The Grudge) and backed by Shinji Mikami deserves a look, so get a clicking.

Night Cry.

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