Dragon’s Dogma Online.


After months of speculation Capcom have at last confirmed that Dragon’s Dogma is indeed going online. Fans of the Dragon’s Dogma series will surely be pleased to learn that Dogma Online is set to retain all of the features and aspects which made the original game and Dark Arisen so popular remain while adding 4-player online co-op, a large lobby for players to gather and a chat feature which will enable party members to, you guessed it, chat. An “enhanced” character creation system is also promised as is a brand new region called Lestaria to explore, however what was in no way confirmed was a western release, Capcom choosing to remain utterly tight lipped on that particular subject.
Should that not be a problem for you, Dragon’s Dogma Online is scheduled for a Japanese released on the PC, PS3 and PS4 later this very year.

Dragon’s Dogma Online.

2 thoughts on “Dragon’s Dogma Online.

    1. It plays a little like an offline MMO and thus can get a bit repetitive, that said though
      there are some very unique ideas to be found in the game as well as some great monster designs to boot so yes, indeed I would recommend it.

      I will add though if you do pick it up make sure it’s the Dark Arisen version of the game as this version contains everything the original Dragon’s Dogma did plus new enemies, quests, locations, character customization, weapons and armor.

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