PlayStation TV Price Slip.


Before it launched in October, anticipation for Sony’s Vita playing, game streaming, all singing all dancing media box the PlayStation TV was growing steadier however since then a complete lack of advertising, confusion over which Vita titles actually work with the thing and some less than positive reviews have seen the tiny black box fail to make any sort of impact on the market, forcing a number of retailers up and down the US to cut the price on the PlayStation TV from $99.99 to $79.99. Whether the move will actually stimulate PlayStation TV’s sales remains to be seen but unless it does so and to a significant degree (or Sony steps in) the likes of Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and GameStop are highly likely to cut their losses along with the sale of the PlayStation TV altogether, a shame given the device has barely had a chance.

PlayStation TV Price Slip.

2 thoughts on “PlayStation TV Price Slip.

  1. That’s a very decent price. Maybe I should get one as my Vita is starting to malfunction 😦

    1. Shame to hear about your Vita, I’ve had to deal with Sony’s customer service in the past (PS3 problems) and there not terrible so, if your having real issues you might want to give them a ring. If not though Playstation TV should make a more then decent stand in, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the price falls a bit more given a little more time.

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