Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition.


Do the words, Puzzle & Dragons mean anything to you? Well If you’re a big fan of Japanese mobile games then perhaps they do, however it’s more likely you’ve no idea what I’m talking about so let me explain. Puzzle & Dragons is a massively popular match-three puzzle game available on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire platforms in Japan, it’s also one of the few games Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto has admitted to playing in his spare time and one he’ll almost certainly be playing even more of soon, when Mario himself crosses over with the puzzle sensation.
Dubbed Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition, the 3DS exclusive will retain all the game-play mechanics of Puzzle & Dragons while adding a number of classic Mario characters to the mix along with a Mario themed world map. No word yet on whether or not we’ll see Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition outside of Japan but I do have a trailer for you either way.

Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros Edition.

9 thoughts on “Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition.

  1. Match 3 games are a nice time waster. I can see this being popular due to the Mario reskinning and if it doesn’t have that annoying energy bar that limits how long you can play for.

  2. I interviewed a company owner at one point in my blog and this is what he has to say about the game: http://sunrisingblog.wordpress.com/2014/11/19/interview-how-to-purchase-japanese-prepaid-points-for-itunes-psn-and-eshop/

    “What is interesting about P&D is that you can fight monsters in RPG style and play puzzle at the same time. Each monster has its own character and special skill.

    There are more than 1500 monsters and it’s fun to get and breed them. The dungeon levels are created to match the user’s playing level so that it’s always interesting.”

    These kinds of games are really big in that country. Also, I can remember last year, when Iwata mentioned Nintendo is planning to license their content and properties in other games. Of course we saw that Monster Hunter collaboration, but I think this news is one of those few cases where Nintendo characters really crosses over a mobile game. We may never see a proper Nintendo game on mobile phones BUT this collaboration might help Nintendo in enticing people to come back and play on its platforms.

    1. I think your spot on here, Nintendo’s investors are eager to see the company start making inroads into the mobile market and yet, Iwata has made it more then clear that Nintendo only makes games for Nintendo platforms so a third option is clearly needed and I think these kinds of licensing deals are it. I also think its safe to say we’ll see a lot more of these deals going forward. Great interview by the way.

  3. I never fully understood the original Puzzle & Dragons. Hopefully, a Nintendo-tailored tutorial will 8e a8le to show how it’s done. Here’s to hoping it releases in NA as well. Does anyone remem8er the mini-games that came with New Super Mario 8ros for the DS? Yeah, I played those more than the main game.

    1. I’m sure a comprehensive tutorial will be included and I’m also pretty sure a release outside of Japan will happen given the the attention Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros is already generating across the net.

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