Star Fox U.


Although we’ve known about the existence of Star Fox Wii U since E3 last year, actual solid details regarding the game have been few and far between and while that fact remains largely unchanged Mr. Miyamoto has shed a little light on what we can expect from Fox and company’s return later this year.
“[With Star Fox] what you’ll have on the Gamepad screen is a cockpit view, and on the TV screen you’ve got a third person, more cinematic view so, as you[‘re] playing, what you’ll find is that you’ll spend your time looking back and forth between the two, and when you want see the really cool cinematic visuals as you’re playing, you’ll look up at the TV screen and when you want to get really serious about battling an enemy, you’ll look down at the cockpit view.”
During the interview which you can see for yourself here, Mr. Miyamoto also teased the possibility of Amiibo support for both Star Fox and the upcoming The Legend of Zelda however he held back on confirming anything.


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