Resident Evil 0 HD.


Few companies appear more dedicated to the re-release movement than Capcom, I mean we already have Devil May Cry 4, DmC and Resident Evil on the way but there may very well be yet another remastering in the works, if a screenshot issued by the publisher themselves is to be believed.
Offered by Capcom in an attempt to show off a brand new Resident Evil Theme coming to the PS4 soon. The screenshot in question did that and then some by also displaying an icon for an, as yet unannounced Resident Evil 0 HD in the bottom right hand-corner. Unsurprisingly Capcom were quick to take the screenshot down before reposting it, this time with the Resident Evil 0 HD icon no where to be seen but the cat was already out of the bag by then, Resident Evil 0 HD Remastered is coming.


3 thoughts on “Resident Evil 0 HD.

  1. Woops! Looks like someone made a blunder hehe. When it comes to re-releases on Square can give Capcom a run for their money.

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