Wii 3?


Context is a very useful thing, why without it people can misinterpret all manner of things, example.
Last week Nintendo big shot Shigeru Miyamoto sat down with ap.org for an interview, during which Mr. Miyamoto was asked if he were already thinking about new Nintendo hardware, he replied…
“We’re focused on providing a robust line-up of Wii U software for next year. It seems like we’ve managed to do that this year and people are very happy with what we’ve done on Wii U. For the time being, our focus is on the Wii U hardware but Nintendo as a whole has groups working on ideas for new hardware systems. While we’re busy working on software for the Wii U, we have production lines that are working on ideas for what the next system might be.”
And this is where misinterpretation sets in as many a web-surfer took Mr. Miyamoto’s comments to mean the Wii U was all but dead and a new console was immanent, some going as far as to claim that Nintendo’s next home console will definitely, without a shadow of a doubt be unveiled at E3 2015. Now I’m no fortune teller, more’s the pity so I can’t say categorically, unlike some gaming sites and forum users, whether a new Nintendo console will be at E3 or not, for the record I highly doubt it however what I can say is given the context that all console manufacturers immediately begin work on new hardware upon the release of old makes. Mr. Miyamoto’s comments seem like little more than shooting the breeze.
Shame really as the ap.org interview (which you can read with a click here) has some actual insight into what Nintendo have planned for the amiibos but who needs real news when you’ve got wild speculation.

Wii 3



  1. Sounds like an interview being misinterpreted for the sake of click bait. Like you say, asking if Nintendo is working on a new system is daft. All companies are working on the next gen of machines.

    1. The thing that really gets me about this story is that the sites reporting it are mainstream ones who should have no need to employ such tactics as “click baiting”, it really is sad to see.

  2. Really becomes a case of Cry Wolf here. Last year was a wild fire of greatly exaggerated rumors about the Wii U’s demise and development of a new machine just 4 months into the console’s launch. I highly doubt Nintendo will make the same mistake Sega (preferably Sega of America) made with the Saturn, that will absolutely murder third party support. What I really want to know (and it’s because I’m huge Nintendo fan), is why everyone is so eager to write off Nintendo so fast?

    1. Your 100% right about how huge a mistake it would be to kill off the Wii U early given as stated, a similar decision taken by Sega with the Saturn not only offended the fan-base to the point were many of them never forgave Sega but worse yet the decision was never forgotten by gamers who then shunned one of the best games systems ever, the Dreamcast for fear of a repeat, so yeah, Nintendo really do need to stick to the Wii U for a minimal of 4 years.

      As for why there appears to be this tide of anti-Nintendo sentiment out there I really can’t say for sure however, I can point out that most of it comes from the likes of IGN, Game Informer and Kotaku to name but a few. I can also hazard a guess that, perhaps because Nintendo don’t pay for positive press or reviews those mentioned feel no obligation to support Nintendo nor do they have the professionalism to do so but that’s, just a theory.

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