You, Me, We All Amiibo.


They may have only been out a couple of weeks but Nintendo’s Amiibos have already proven themselves very popular among gamers as both first and second waves of the plastic figurines are completely sold out everywhere. Given such success then it should come as little surprise to see other companies eager to get a slice of the Amiibo pie, the first of these to be Namco Bandai who have confirmed the forth coming One Piece Super Grand Battle! X will be compatible with a number of the little toys.
Full details on how the Amiibos will actually work with Grand Battle X remain sketchy but Namco Bandai did reveal that, should you scan the Mario Amiibo for instance, Luffy will be gifted a Mario outfit, in game. One Piece Super Grand Battle! X was released in Japan on the 3DS earlier this month, is has yet be scheduled for release anywhere else.

You, Me We All Amiibo.

2 thoughts on “You, Me, We All Amiibo.

    1. Currently they don’t offer much functionality so I’m not over interested but in the future who knows what you’ll be able to do with an Amiibo.

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