Super Mario Bros. Returns?


You may or may not have heard but apparently some naughty so and so recently hacked into Sony Pictures and revealed a whole host of details surrounding both current and future motion pictures, one in particular catching the attention of the masses, a film dubbed Mario Bros. The Animated Movie.
Yes indeed you read that right, Sony Pictures are probably working on a film staring Nintendo’s mascot, Mario himself, if a series of emails producer Avi Arad and Sony studio chief Amy Pascal are to be believed. Unsurprisingly Sony Pictures have refused to comment on the existence of Mario Bros. The Animated Movie however you can glance over the leaked emails below for yourself and make up your own mind. After that you can start asking yourself the same question I’ve been, will Dennis Hopper reprise his role as King Koopa?

“I am the proud father of mario the animated film [sic],” said Arad in one email with the subject line “Mario”.
Arad later forwarded Pascal images of him with Shigeru Miyamoto and Satoru Iwata, the latter of which included the message,
“Happy ceo, lets get together, it’s the mother load. [sic]”

Super Mario Bros Returns

4 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros. Returns?

  1. I suppose there is more chance of an animated Mario movie being good than a live action one. That movie was terribad, but at least I liked the Roxette song.

    1. It really was a bad film but its far from alone on that list, Double Dragon, Alone in the Dark, BloodRayne and of course Street Fighter are forever going to be there to keep it company.

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