Theatrhythm Dragon Quest.


Square Enix have revealed that a brand new Theatrhythm game is coming to the 3DS, this time one featuring all your favourite Dragon Quest tracks. No further details were given in regards to the new game but if you’ve ever played one of the Final Fantasy Theatrhythm games you’ll know exactly what to expect from this Dragon Quest edition, or alternatively if you find yourself in Tokyo this month you could always pop along to Jump Festa expo where Theatrhythm Dragon Quest will be playable.
Theatrhythm Dragon Quest is scheduled for a March 26th release in Japan. TBC everywhere else.

Theatrhythm Dragon Quest.

6 thoughts on “Theatrhythm Dragon Quest.

      1. Yeah the Best of Square Enix will be nice. I love Eidos and other Square properties like Full Metal Alchemist but I do hope that particular best of square enix that can happen in the future will only feature JP-made SE games.

      2. Eidos had completely slipped my mind but now that you mention them a Theatrythm featuring Deus Ex and Hitman tracks would indeed be great.

  1. I enjoyed FF Curtain Call, but I’ll give this one a miss. I’m not familiar with the DQ soundtracks.

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