Devil Survivor 2 Dated.


Atlus have confirmed that Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker for the 3DS is to be released State-side, in early 2015. Record Breaker itself is an enhanced version of the original Devil Survivor 2 featuring, according to Atlus nearly double the content of the first game, a new character named Miyako Hotsuin and a full English dub.
No EU release has yet to be announced but Atlus have issued a brand new trailer for Record Breaker which you can take a look at for yourself here.

Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker



  1. I’m sure it’ll get to Europe…. #shinmegamitensei4

    Seriously, I’m psyched for this game because

    1. I did not finished the original DS version
    2. This one has easy mode (sorry but my busy life keeps me from playing so many games, so I’ll take the easy route because hey, what i want to experience is the damn story telling.
    3. It has double the content.

    The double content is really the main selling point. I’ve written in one of my recent posts that that 50$ price is yeah, expensive, but twice the content of the original game seems a good tradeoff, especially for me who has not finished the original DS game.

    1. The added content is the main selling point for me as well but I do to agree with your feeling on the easy mode, I play games to relax not to tear my hair out in frustration.

      As for a European release well, I again agree with you that it will happen however I do fear it’ll be digital only and I really do like to buy my games physical. Still getting the chance to actually play the game is the most important thing I guess.

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