Street Fighter 5.


Capcom have made little secret of the fact that Street Fighter 5 is in the works however the Osaka based developer has been less forward about the fact that Street Fighter 5 is only in development for the Playstation 4 and PC. Yes you read that right, Street Fighter 5 is indeed coming exclusively to the PS4 and PC and to prove it here’s the game’s first trailer and the leaked trailer which broke the news to the world and many an XBox One owners heart yesterday.
Beyond the game’s exclusivity Capcom chose to remain as tight lipped as possible in regards Street Fighter 5, though it was revealed at The PlayStation Experience that players of both the PS4 and PC versions of the games will be able to face off against one another in platform cross-play.
In other Street Fighter news, it was also revealed that Ultra Street Fighter 4 is to be released on the PS4 in spring of next year. There are as of writing no plans to release Ultra Street Fighter on the XOne either.

Street Fighter 5



    1. I can see that, Ono has after all stated more than once that he wanted to include Charlie in one of SF4’s many DLC packs but never got round to it making a Street Fighter 5 inclusion probable.

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