Hangar 13.


2K Games have announced the formation of a brand new development studio dubbed Hangar 13.
Headed up by former LucasArts creative director Haden Blackman a spokesman for 2K claimed Hangar 13 will focus on creating “memorable AAA experiences where the stories matter” and games where players get to “shape their own experiences, from the moment-to-moment.”
Beyond the aspirations 2K chose to remain tight lipped on any details regarding the actual games Hangar 13 will be creating, however given the fan fare attached to the announcement of the new developer alone, it’s pretty clear that whatever Hangar 13 are working on is likely to be a big deal.

Hangar 13.

2 thoughts on “Hangar 13.

    1. Apparently Mr. Blackman has a history of writing for comic books having worked on both Batwoman and Elektra. Perhaps he’ll draw influence from there?

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