Out For The Count.


The Japanese games market is notoriously difficult to crack, just ask the Philips CD-i for instance, Sega CD or even Takashi Sensui who has this weekend resigned as head of XBox Japan following an abysmal console launch which has seen the XBox One shift just 38,461 units since September. To put that number into perspective the XBox 360 managed to move some 62,000 units during it’s Japanese launch back in 2005, while the original XBox put both it’s descendants to shame by moving some 123,000 units in three days.
Worst still Mr. Sensui’s woes were undoubtable compounded by the fact that, this time around at least, Microsoft do appear to be actively trying to gain a foot hold in Japan by securing the exclusivity of titles like Scalebound, Crimson Dragon and D4. Alas even this strategy looks to be a non-starter and Mr. Sensui has paid for it. Responsibility for XBox Japan will now fall to Yoshinami Takahash and Nobuyoshi Yokoi however it remains difficult to envisage what exactly more the pair can do to turn this tsunami like tide.

Out For The Count

4 thoughts on “Out For The Count.

  1. It’s always going to be tough for a Western company to penetrate Japan. A few exclusives won’t help if the majority of Japanese games don’t come out for the XBone. Didn’t the system get released later in Japan too? If people already have a PS4 they are unlikely to buy the Microsoft machine too.

    1. Although both the PS4 and Wii U are undoubtedly big thorns in the XOne’s side Microsoft’s real problem over in Japan is the Microsoft brand itself and that’s a difficult problem to solve.

      The way I see it though is Microsoft could rebrand the XBox One entirely before redistributing the re-branded XOne through a well respected Japanese company like Hitachi, Panasonic, Namco Bandai‎ or dare I say it even Sega. I can see it now, the Sega One or perhaps the WonderSwan One, problem solved 🙂

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