3DS XL Put To Bed.


New hardware often means the death of old and it appears this very fate has befallen the 3DS XL in Japan where Nintendo have confirmed production of the over grown handheld is to cease.
Accounting for almost half of the 16 million 3DS units already sold in Japan the 3DS XL has been a huge successe for Nintendo, no question however in order to maximise sales of the New 3DS XL which launched across Japan in October the Mario factory has clearly felt the need to streamline consumer choice. No word yet on when Nintendo will treat the standard 3DS to the XL treatment but with a “New” version of that handheld also on Japanese shop shelves and heading westward next year it’s surly only a matter of time.

3DS XL Put To Bed

4 thoughts on “3DS XL Put To Bed.

    1. Well the shortage of 3DS games is down almost entirely to Nintendo moving away from handheld in order to focus on games development for the Wii U.
      As for the “New” 3DS itself I couldn’t agree more, unimpressive is indeed the word for it.

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