It’s All About Playstation.


Sony are a company clearly divided, on the one hand you have the Playstation division which is doing remarkably well while on the other everything else the company makes performing rottenly. Its on secret and yet Sony have largely shied away addressing these rudimentary facts surrounding their business, until now. Speaking at a conference to investors earlier this week Kaz Hirai, President and CEO of Sony Corporation confirmed that moving forward Sony will slowly shift it’s focus from both TV and smartphones markets towards the PlayStation 4 and entertainment wings (read movies and music) of the business.
Mr. Hirai went on to stress that the move didn’t mean Sony would be withdrawing from either the television of smartphones markets but instead that the company saw far more to gain from increased support of the Playstation 4 than it did say, investment in the Xperia or Bravia brands.

It's All About Playstation.

2 thoughts on “It’s All About Playstation.

  1. Makes sense to focus on your strengths. The smartphone and TV markets are over-saturated with electronic companies anyways.

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